Three Generations in Goshen

I had the extreme pleasure of having an old friend reach out to me to ask me to photograph his younger son for his high school yearbook.  In doing that, I learned more about this old friend than I had ever known in the past.  The original call was to photograph Austin and an accompanying request to take a quick family photo while I was there.  Prior to that day, while I had worked alongside Santo in some projects, I didn’t know his background as well as I might have.

When my wife and I arrived at his spread in Goshen, I was introduced to his father, also Santo and his two sons.  In addition, we got to meet his fiance, Marta, and her son.  We were treated to a great Italian dinner following the photo session. More importantly, I got to reconnect with an old friend and got to meet the rest of his family.  Great day with wonderful people – I could only wish that all assignments were like this one.

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